Webinars Or Social Media Live? What should Brands adopt?

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Both Social Media and Webinars are becoming popular in the brand marketing world. Brands Use both Webinars  & Social Media Live to engage with their audience.

But let’s see first what Webinars & Social Media Live are!!


Webinars are conferences or you can say meetings that are held online. Webinars can be conducted live or recorded as per the needs. They are usually hosted by a third party.

Webinars can be conducted for a few or a lot of audiences according to the need and audience.

The most famous Webinar platforms are:-


1. Zoom Meeting


2. Microsoft

a). Skype for Business

b). Microsoft Teams


3. Google Suite

a). Google Meet

b). Google Duo


Social Media Live

Social Media Live streaming is a feature of social networking sites which turns streaming into conversations where users can like and comment to which you can respond immediately.

Most Famous sites you can use for social media live streaming are:-

1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Youtube


All these are the most famous sites which are used by brands & organizations to use social media live for branding & promotion.

Why Should Brands Use Social Media Live?


1. Cost-Effective 

Social Media Live is a cost-free method to interact with a large section of the audience. The only cost which could occur is of hardware which is used for enhancing the live streaming experience like a camera, lights etc.

It doesn’t cost a dime to go live on various social media platforms.

2. It allows you to interact with your audience in their comfortable space

Not every consumer is interested in visiting your website to know about your brand or the new product that your brand has launched recently. But due to frequent use of social media, they might lower their guards of scrutiny and might see your live feed in their comfortable space. 

Brands can use this opportunity to give information about their brand, website, product, etc. to consumers.

3. Demos, updates & Announcements 

Brands can use social media live to give demos for the new products in order to increase the user experience & also it can make loyal customers buy the new product after seeing the usability and ease the product can bring.

Social Media Live can be used by brands to give updates regarding the updates on a particular product or brand-related information.

Announcements on upcoming events, new product or update on an existing product can be done by using Social Media Live feeds by brands for their customers.

Using Social Media Live for all these purposes will definitely help them grow.


Benefits of Social Media Live Streaming

  • Urgency
  • Interactivity
  • Guaranteed Reach
  • Authenticity
  • Personality Driven Approach

Why Should Brands Use Webinars?


Today, Webinars are an important part of the marketing strategy for brands. As they are able to replace face to face meetings, trade shows etc., This makes them very effective.


1.Brands Can use Webinars for building a relationship with existing customers, potential customers & Industry peers.

2. Brands can seek to humanize their brands by connecting as people all around the world now seek a human connection online.

3. Brands can establish thought leadership by sharing & showing how they are experts in their niche in the industry and can gain the trust of the customers.

4. Brands can generate a great number of leads for sales purposes through webinars. The ultimate goal of any business is to generate sale and for that one has to generate quality leads in order to convert them into sales. 

Webinars are mostly organized with the concept of engaging an audience that is already interested in your product or service.


Through Webinars, one can collect the data of potential customers and further these leads to increase in sales as on gaining the trust these leads are more likely to convert into sales.


So, What Should Brands Choose?


In conclusion, we can say that both Social Media Live & Webinars are important for the marketing purposes of a brand. 

What will make Social Media Live or Webinar more important than one another is the purpose of the brands and also what is more suitable for their brand, product, or service.

Also, some can get benefit by using the combination of both.

As the trends, today indicate the fact that the use of social media will determine how consumers use the internet. However, through webinars brands can interact with their audience in a more personal way.

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