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Top 7 Indian Social Media Marketing Campaigns In 2019

There were many social media marketing campaigns held by various organizations in 2019 which got famous and popular amongst people across India. Here is the detailed knowledge about the top 10 social media marketing campaigns in India in the year 2019.

#1. Powerless Queen By NGO Project Nanhi Kali

On 8th March 2019 which is celebrated as International Women’s Day Nanhi kali and Wat Consult launched a social media marketing campaign with a core objective of raising donations for the NGO Nanhi Kali that helps to educate underprivileged girls and also to spread awareness about the game of “Chess”.

Chess was originated in the 6th Century and “Queen” is considered as the most powerful piece of the game. The campaign tried to lay emphasis and highlight the fact that over time how this “Powerful queen” turned “Powerless”, violated and underestimated in 21st century in India.

The Campaign organizers collaborated with Anna Rudolf(an international chess player) for a video that conveyed the message perfectly. The campaign was also supported by the Indian chess grandmaster, Tania Sachdev.

owerless Queen By NGO Project Nanhi Kali

For the campaign, Nanhi Kali created a microsite where users can play the game of chess against an automated player, but with a catch. In this game “queen” the most important piece of chess is rendered powerless. While the automated player retains all the power of the queen. This was done to make people understand the fact that how difficult it gets to win when your queen is powerless and handicapped.

Powerless Queen By NGO Project Nanhi Kali campaign

People can take up the challenge and donate to Nanhi Kali. Soon the initiative got famous amongst many renowned chess players including Anna Rudolf, Vishwanathan Anand, Jennifer Shahede, and many more.

Within a few days, the campaign managed to collect 40,000 hours of donation for the education of underprivileged girls and 32000 games played.

#2. UnitedByVote by United Colors Of Benetton

When 2019 saw multiphased elections, United colors of Benetton came up with a unique and strong social media marketing campaign titled, “UnitedByVote”. This campaign was aimed at celebrating democracy and conveying every citizen the power they hold by having voting rights.           

The formal campaign launch was held in Mumbai at Jai Hind College witnessing a strong panel discussion with speakers including Saif Ali Khan, Bhumi Pednekar, Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Sundeep Kumar Chugh, CEO & MD, Benetton India. The campaign was designed by Taproot Dentsu, Urging people to get united and practice their voting rights.

The campaign was launched with a powerful video in which Political leaders making various promises to the people of the country until a finger with an ink mark comes and shuts them up.

It ends with a strong message that “show them who has the power” followed by hashtag #UnitedByVote. 

The manifesto of this campaign emphasizes on how the real power does not lie with the political parties but with the public and asks them to show the power by exercising their right to vote.

#3. FlagWithoutColors By MP Birla Cement

The Indian Constitution States, “The Indian National flag represents the hope and aspirations of people of India”.

The Indian Tricolour is one of the most beautiful flags in the world. But unfortunately, not everyone can experience and admire its beauty. The visually impaired amongst us are deprived from enjoying the beauty of this flag.

So for them to experience and enjoy the feeling of the national flag, MP Birla cement came up with the concept of “Flag without Colours”. A flag was created by the campaign organizers by cement that explains the flag color and meaning behind the flag using ‘Braille markings’.

The Ogilvy Kolkata films captured this moment at Seva Mandir School Indore, one of the institutions among several others that received “Flag without colors”. 

On 70th Anniversary of Republic day of India, MP Birla cement carried braille flag cast in concrete, “Flag Without Colors” to several blind schools across the country so that the students can celebrate the 70th anniversary of our Republic.

Sandip Ghose from MP Birla cement said- this is a small initiative on our side to make Republic Day celebration more inclusive and carry the value, feeling & importance of the national flag to a wider cross-section of our young minds.

#4. GoodNewsIsGenderFree by Prega News

On the day of Mother’s Day in 2019, Prega News, a company that provides HCG pregnancy detection kit came up with a social media campaign titled, “GoodNewsIsGenderFree”. The motto was to tell people that a healthy baby is what matters the most.

The campaign focused on the issue of gender inequality which is prevailing all over the world but is more complex & deeprooted in India, wherein having a boy over a girl is hindering the progress of the nation. So Prega News launched this campaign to target the Indian families and their regressive mindsets. The campaign urges people to wish for a healthy child, irrespective of the child’s gender.

This campaign captured a film wherein a progressive and modern-minded mother in law is hoping & wishing for a healthy baby without being gender-biased.

The Brand also requested people to take part in a poll “ what is more important when it comes to your baby – Gender or health?”. They also urged people to actively participate in conversations on this topic to spread the message. 

#5. Don’tLetDreamsWait By P&G Siksha

In the first quarter of 2019 P&G Siksha, a CRS program of P&G India launched a social media marketing campaign titled, “Don’tLetDreamsWait”, that featured a 75-year-old man ‘bittu’, who joins school to fulfill his dream of getting an education.

P&G Siksha through the story of bittu tried to convey the message that education has no age limit. They made an ad film on bittu to beautifully portray the message.

The two-minute long film is inspired by a true story and highlights Bittu’s life at school. Having grown up in a village without schools, he had to wait until the age of 75 to attend one.

Over a decade, P&G is working towards improving quality education for underprivileged children. By now the brand has supported 1800 schools and 1.4 million children across the nation. Bittu’s story is a simple yet moving instance of the dreams fulfilled by P&G Shiksha through its interventions.

#6. KoiYaarNahiFar By Hotstar

In March 2019 when ViVO IPL was about to start, the leading video streaming platform in India HotStar launched a campaign titled, “KoiYaarNahiFar”.

Conceptualized and designed by DDB Mudra Group, the campaign was launched in two TVC formats.

In the first tvc format, you will see an Indian family who are accidentally jinxed to magnetically repulse each other. So when ViVO IPL starts they both want to watch the match together but sadly couldn’t, that’s when hotstar comes with social a social cricket watching experience enabling these twins to enjoy the match together on a single platform.    

In the second TVC format,a superhero is inviting his other superhero friends to watch IPL. But, his friends are busy doing household chores. Finally, Hotstar connects these superheroes under one platform and help them enjoy watching the games with each other.

The objective of this campaign was simply to bring people together in watching VIVO IPL 2019 irrespective of their location. Through the platform, viewers can invite friends and family to Hotstar, watch cricket, and participate in the Watch ‘N Play game together. Both TVCs were rolled out in 3 languages Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu across all Hotstar’s social channels. The TVC gained 730k views on YouTube alone. It was a massive hit on all platforms.

The Goal Of this campaign was to gain more than 300mn viewers in 2019 streaming HotStar for watching ViVo IPl Live.

Hotstar conducted focus group studies, in-depth interviews and ethnography to gauge what the consumers were looking for this season and that’s what gave rise to this campaign.

#7. IndiaDegaAshirvad By India Gate

In April 2019 famous rice brand in India “India Gate” launched a social media campaign titled “IndiaDegaAashirvad”.

In India every year more than 5 million couples get married. But unlike other countries Indian shower rice on newly wedded couples to give wishes & blessings. Yet in a state where 195 million people are food insecure, this practice can lead to approximately 110 million pounds of rice wastage every year. 

“What if these wedding blessings could be transformed into food blessings for poor?”. With this thought,India Gate along with digital agency The Classic Partnership – VMLY&R came out with a modern-day solution to this old-age tradition called #IndiaDegaAashirvad initiative.

This initiative encouraged people to get special rice packs which were specially designed by the brand that wedding guests can choose to touch and covey their blessings instead of showering rice. The couple can donate whatever amount of rice for those in need in return for these packets.

These rice packs came in 4 designs inspired by Indian cultural heritage. Within 10 days of the campaign launch, 70 weddings were registered, which accounted for over 16,000 packs of rice that can serve 3200 meals for the less fortunate people.