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The new normal is now a way of life. Seven months into the full-scale pandemic of Covid-19 and an entirely new code of daily living is in place.

The brands that stand out are those that Modify to achieve.

Modifying doesn’t mean making lasting changes which means making quick adjustments intelligently.

We see a definite difference in brands that are constantly evolving and adapting by keeping their customer first.

But despite the upheaval defining this most difficult year, brands are continuing to transform in real-time and lay the foundations for future growth (whenever that may be).

They are ensuring proactive outreach, Remote assistance, digital enablement, and instant fulfillment to build confidence and reliability.

Here are some key points that a brand includes.


Strengthen the customer-first experience:

When consumers are focused on the basic needs of health, safety, and family consumers expect brands to show up with relevance especially during this time.

To claim pay-outs arising out of covid-19 on priority, we have committed to offering grace periods and deferment of payments, suggesting staying invested in falling markets.

Merging into Customer’s Journey:

To become a part of a customer’s life, a brand needs to stay relevant.

In India, to provide life insurance cover at affordable rates to last mile customers we have leveraged strategic partnerships with InsureTech & FinTech firms.

Further offers have been enhanced to stay relevant with COVID-19 on diagnosis and on hospitalization.

Rapid, Innovative & Careful – Brand’s new normal

Brands that evolve to be agile while maintaining innovative, yet applicable communication will build a far superior connection with their customers in the days to come.

While keeping a delicate pulse on how society is reacting to this period of uncertainty as a marketer, it is instances like these that force us to re-think the conversations we have with our audiences.

Trading goes Digital 

Brands must reinvent customer journeys to enable direct connection for purchase and services as well as an assisted connection through trusted partners as virtual becomes reality.

Online and actual time are key buzz words that take center stage as Digital channels have become the primary source of connection during the time of the pandemic.

The government has launched the innovative ‘Ghar Baithe Insurance’ initiative for our customers to secure the lives of their loved ones from the comfort of their homes.

Instant Fulfillment

The pandemic has advanced the digital adoption curve for customers across age groups.

Nowadays customers are seeking solutions online and brands need to stay one step ahead in providing for the same.

Well, there are multilingual websites running in 3 regional languages and launched the self-service portal to enable instant fulfillment of queries and feedback that comes in by our customer.


Hence, customers are adjusting to tremendous changes and stress in their everyday life.

Today or tomorrow the marketers have to meet the needs of their audience in a proactive, thoughtful way that adds value. 

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