Best Ways To Track Offline Marketing ROI

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In this world of fast pacing technological advancements, every day new things are coming into existence. When it comes to marketing, digital marketing is the trendy approach to carry out marketing campaigns these days. 

But there are companies for whom billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, etc are still an important part of their marketing strategies.

For such companies Offline or traditional way of marketing works magic though they are difficult to track. 

These ways are good in increasing brand awareness & making a brand stand out to the target audience.

But the problem arises when one has to justify if the particular offline marketing tactic is working or not, whether it is worth spending a portion of the marketing budget on offline means.

So, we are going to discuss a few ways which can help us track the offline metrics of marketing in order to determine their effectiveness.

#1. By Tracking Phone Calls

 One of the best ways of keeping a track of numbers that you have provided with your offline marketing means. There are service providers for such work & you can actually relate these calls as the engagement with your offline marketing tactics. As you put these numbers with your materials of an offline campaign it becomes a great way of tracking offline campaign’s effectiveness.


Many companies are there which are providing these services and are giving a lot of results in terms of offline marketing metrics of conversions.

#2. By Using Promo Codes

   Yup!! They are the most effective ways to track offline marketing Campaigns. As you can give a promo code along with any of your offline means of marketing whether you are putting it in the newspaper ad, radio ad, billboards, etc.


The users who get an interest in your product through those ads can use that promo code to get some added discount on the purchase because who doesn’t like a discount, right?. So when they use that promo code one can track that data through analytics and can say about the effectiveness of the offline marketing tactics.

These promo codes can provide you the data of how many customers actually used them to purchase & how much money you spent on the ads.

#3. By Using Custom Landing Page

You can send your customers to a Customized landing page in order to track the conversions resulting from an offline marketing campaign. 

The URL of the custom landing page should be short & well remembered. By analytics one can determine the customer engagement via these offline campaigns as this URL will take the customer to a custom landing page created for only offline campaign audience.

The links you mentioned to your custom landing pages will help in keeping the track of audience that engaged through the offline campaign and thus will help in determining the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

#4. By Using a separate email inbox for campaign

When you sell your product offline and there are minimum or no sales of your product online.

 In such a case you can use a separate email address that is used in your marketing campaign to interact with the audience.

This email address that customers use to interact with your product can be used as a tracking means in order to determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

#5. By Simply asking Through Surveys

One can run a short survey integrated within the website for direct traffic other than the traffic coming from other online campaigns.

By simply formulating a question survey of asking from what source of the offline campaign does a consumer got to know about them.

By doing such a business can determine the number of customers visiting them and can calculate the ROI and determine the effectiveness of the campaign.



These are some of the ways in which one can track the ROI of the Offline Marketing Campaigns.

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