scalpswag campaign

#ScalpSwag Influencer Campaign by Head & Shoulders India

Head & Shoulders India’s newest campaign #ScalpSwag is all about keeping the dandruff at bay forever even at your home during lockdown and flaunt your scalp like a swagger. Using the emerging social media platform TikTok for this campaign along with Instagram, they explored the creative side of influencers who flaunted their dandruff free scalps with Head & Shoulders India.

With increased consumption of digital content during covid19 head & shoulders used Influencer marketing to reach out to their target market. With many influencers collaborating with the dandruff shampoo brand, the campaign used the creative video editing capabilities of TikTok and used the same videos on Instagram with influencers taking the challenge and nominating their friends. 

Utilizing the creative feature of TikTok and influencers, a message was delivered that you can fight dandruff and be dandruff free forever at home. They smartly used ‘Try me’ song to convey the message with such simplicity.

Influencers posted their TikTok videos on Instagram handles and challenged their friends to take the #ScalpSwag challenge.

The campaign included celebrity influencers along with tiktok influencers which is a great strategy to have a proper. mix of. influencers.  Campaign included influencers such as Anita Hassanandani, Kriti Kharbanda, Pulkit Sharma, Aparshakti Khuranna and many more, cricketer Umesh Yadav, TikTok stars such as Krish Gawali, Sameeksha etc. and Hair artist and stylist Elton Fernandez.

The main Objective of the campaign was to send out a message that dandruff appears even if you are at your home during lockdowns and Head & Shoulders helps you keep dandruff free forever. The other objectives were to promote product awareness and an appeal to try head and shoulders during lockdown and try different scalp hairstyles by keeping dandruff away

It was a brilliant move to incorporate the short music video feature of TikTok and catch the trend. Many influencers used their creative ability to present the challenge and moreover trying new scalp hairstyles and flaunting them. With a varied range of influencers participating in the campaign, the message to beat dandruff at home was delivered to a vast audience. By nominating people to take the challenge, the campaign grows with people trying new scalp hairstyles


The campaign has so far generated 11.9 million views on TikTok and around 2.9 million views on Instagram.