Macro OR Micro? Which Influencer Category Is Best To Promote Your Brand!!!

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So before jumping straight into the specifics and crucial details on which influencer category will do magic for you, let us understand what are ‘Micro’ & ‘Macro’ influencers.


They are said to be everyday people having passion or interest in a particular subject or niche.

They tend to share their judgment, views, and personal opinion about the products and services in the niche and have built a larger but not too large follower base ( 3,000 – 60,000) of people who share a similar interest in the same product category or niche.

They have the best level of engagement and brand relevance on the spectrum of influencers, as the micro Influencers only post about their genuine and real experience, creating a level of
trust that is ideal for building lasting relationships with both companies and followers.

Micro-Influencers tend to have stronger relationships as compared to any other typical influencers.

They can be contacted by a comment or a DM.

They can influence your daily proceedings and the overall performance of the company that includes customers,
suppliers, resellers, competitors, and the general public.

Micro followers have a loyal follower base of people who can be trusted.

They see them as credible as they are normal people sharing their experiences and judgments about products, services, and brands.

According to the analysis of Collect Bias, the Brands that collaborate with micro Influencers have seen a conversion rate of more than 20%, and it is not surprising because the
consumers make most of their purchasing decisions based on word of mouth from a close-friend (86%),  distant friends (39%), and Influencers (31%).

Some benefits of Micro-Influencers states as follows:

● Engagement cost: According to the source of Markley, users with 1,000-10,000 followers earned likes at a 4% rate, users with 10,00-100,000 followers achieved likes at a 2.4% rate, and according to Influenz micro Influencers drives the
engagement of 25-50% per cost.

● Influencers Reach: Micro-Influencers is a great substitute for local businesses to get the benefit of influence marketing in their target market.

● Occurrence: They are often driven by incidents and VIP occurrences.


Macro Influencers

Macro Influencers are popular and well-known and mostly, household names and celebrities have large audiences, followers, and subscribers, between 1,00,000 and sometimes it can cross millions too.

This kind of influencer tends to have diverse audiences, demographics, and have diverse interests.

Only a few Micro-Influencers are there who may be interested in health and fitness, beauty, baking, etc.

Macro influencers are professional
creators who have built their influence in a particular niche over a time period of several years.

Because of their big fan base, macro-influencers can build their social media
following quickly and it is not unusual to see these folks with millions of followers.

Although campaigns with Macro influencers tend to involve a significant investment.

The autonomy of brands in selecting the right influencer to work with and the ability to provide specific guidelines give marketers more control over the campaign.

Many Macro-Influencers use their power of influencing as a primary source of income, taking great pride in creating authentic, relevant, and aesthetic content for their followers.

This level of influencers is considered extremely, honest and supported by a fiercely faithful fan base.

Macro Influencers are contacted by brands every day through comments, emails, DMs, and more.

As a brand, when approaching them, you have to treat them professionally,
with an attractive offer that is hard for them to reject.

Some benefits of macro-influencers states as follows:

Audience Opinion: Macro influencers take their audience’s opinions very seriously generating positive opinions towards your brand.

Accessibility: Influencers are much more accessible to everyday brands.

Promotion of products: They are good at naturally promoting products or services, raising awareness on how your brand can benefit their followers’ lives.


Okay, so now you understand the types of influencers. So, let’s get into the most important point which Influencer category is best for your brand promotion.
Let’s explore this further:

● If you are looking to increase the reach, visibility, or brand awareness, then you can go for Macro-Influencers, and if you are looking to increase conversions and sales
then you can go for Micro-Influencers.

Macro influencers can easily change your brand’s image among the audience.

It becomes more likable when a brand
benefits from a popular individual.

And coming on your referral program, Macro-Influencers will help people to get to know the program, but the subscribers are given by Micro-Influencers as they are credible and reliable.

Considering the Budget :
Your budget is a significant determinant of the types of influencers you get to work with.

If your company can afford Macro-Influencers then why shouldn’t they use
them in a campaign?.

It should be a consideration that is based on an integral goal over and above the fact that your company can afford Macro-Influencers and if your company can’t afford Macro-Influencers, it better is to stick with Micro-Influencers.
as they are affordable.

Your budget should be in perfect alignment with the goals
you wish to achieve.

The Influencers Audience :
An influencer’s audience plays a vital role that you are trying to reach.

If it’s a niche then it’s better to go for Micro-Influencers, and if an Influencer has a diverse audience you may work with them having multiple customer segments with diverse


When it comes to messaging and engaging with audiences Micro-Influencers tend to
be more authentic, as normal/everyday people who will share their personal
experiences after using a brand or product.Therefore they are more credible.


These are various factors that you can consider before you go for Micro or

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