Top 10 Influencer Marketing Mistakes

10 Big Mistakes Brands are Making in their Influencers Marketing Campaigns

With the rising cutthroat competition in almost every industry, Brands are pressing all buttons to stay fresh in the minds of the customers and woo their audiences. Influencer Marketing is one such technique which is in the limelight more than ever before as Covid-19 has kept us stranded in our houses and glued to our phones. Influencer marketing means a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market its product or services or sometimes just to increase their brand awareness.

Why Influencer Marketing works?
Well firstly, its word of mouth branding which is the most effective form of advertisement. Secondly, Influencers are effective at influencing their audiences because of the trust they have developed and hence it’s a powerful technique to boost your brand visibility and sky rocket your sales potentially. But are brands actually using the truest potential of these campaigns. Are you using the right levers to deliver a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Below are the top 10 common mistakes brands make that prevent them from reaping the maximum benefits from their Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

Collaborating with the Wrong Influencers

Choosing the right influencer is more than just about how many followers they have. It is a detailed study about their expertise, attitude, image and about common interests and demographics. As these people are going to be the face of the campaign, more detailed study about their relevance with your brand and audience engagement is necessary. This will ensure that your brand stays in the minds of the audience when the influencer does the talking.

Undecided Goals of Your Campaign

If you start your campaigns without key goals in your mind it will ultimately lead to wasted resources and time. You should jot down what your objectives are from this campaign. Is it:

  1. To drive sales and potential leads
  2. To increase brand awareness and visibility
  3. To increase your social media audience

Based on the goals, the strategies to approach the influencer marketing campaigns will differ and will help put out what is important and needs attention.

No Creative Liberty to the Influencers

Influencers know their audiences well and what kind of content gets the required attention. It is important that you give your influencers the liberty to play around with the content. But be sure that you provide your influencers with the content outline, the message, and your support in content creation as well. This ensures that your message is conveyed in the most engaging way to the audiences!

Neglecting Long Term Focus

Companies rush their influencers to create results overnight, which obviously is not the case as influencer marketing is a series of interaction to build a strong bond with the followers. Instead companies should focus on building genuine relationship with the audience and the influencer by long term engagement and multi post deals which will help gain trust among the audiences and ensure that your brand doesn’t fade away from their minds as a midnight flash sale does.

Improper Impact Analysis or Wrong Metrics Analysis

You will be losing out the bigger picture if you do not analyze the impact your campaign has on sales or brand awareness. Although its difficult to measure the awareness created by your campaigns apart from the engagement on posts but you can definitely focus on metrics that you can track efficiently in order to assess the functionality of the campaigns. Having google analytics tool to analyze the site traffic, conversions and click through rates generated by campaigns are important metrics that will help you look at the key results delivered.

No Attention Towards the Mobile Website

The influencers and their followers and audiences mostly operate on mobile phones. It is therefore understood that most traffic generated on your website or portal because of these campaigns will be from mobile devices. So, it is necessary that your website is mobile friendly, otherwise the campaign is ineffective regardless proper planning and will have high bounce rates.

Neglecting Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

Influencer Marketing is the hype due to rising active social media users because of the global crisis. As a marketer, it is a wise decision to invest in influencer marketing as people tend to buy products recommended by their trusted sources (influencers) and it is a good way to reach a niche segment. Also, one failed influencer campaign does not mean we must neglect it altogether. Instead, analysis of what went wrong and what could be done better must be the focus while you bank on newer influencer marketing campaign

No Campaign Planning 

Believing that influencer marketing does not require much of their attention is a wrong notion. Just as any other campaign, Influencer marketing also requires you to be detailed and wise in your approach towards the strategy and effectively having a business plan for it. When you plan well in advance you have a plan of action for situations which you would have succumbed to otherwise. Hence having a detailed plan is also necessary to have a productive campaign.

Neglecting Micro-Influencers

Although we have already discussed about how important it is to choose the right influencer, going behind the follower count is also a grave mistake which falls into the section. Through multiple studies it has been found that micro-influencers have a higher engagement rate and can truly be the brand advocates that have genuine trust amongst their followers. Needless to mention, the cost also drops for such campaigns, so it is a win-win situation.

Treating Influencers as a Marketing Tool

Most often companies forget that influencers are also real people and to treat them like that. It is really important that just as you want to establish a strong connection and bond with their audience, you must make a conscious effort to do the same with the influencers. This will ensure a fruitful influencer campaign and moreover spark future collaboration and positive engagements that will gain astounding response from the audience.


Influencer marketing is an effective campaign technique that delivers almost every time for brands and businesses when executed wisely. By avoiding these pitfalls, you can ensure a productive influencers marketing campaign and seize the market and social media by storm. Catch the trend while it’s still on and let us know how you restructured your marketing approach after this.