Top 10 Call Tracking & Analytics Services For Marketing

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Today everything we do for marketing can be assessed based on their performance whether they are digital marketing campaigns or offline marketing campaigns.

Seo optimization resulted in how many conversions or what social media platform is giving the maximum traffic to your business, site or blog is easily available through analytics software & websites.

But still, many companies don’t track their phone calls. They just attend them and that’s it. No one there knows if those calls resulted in conversions or sales. 

Call tracking & analytics is can be used to track business sales calls. They do not only just track the customer who calls but their analytics features can give you all the necessary information related to their interaction with your business with call.  sales teams can use these programs for everything from mapping customer website journeys prior to on-phone closes, to identifying opportunities for improvement across sales teams.

But what makes a Call tracking & analytics service best is something which is very important. As businesses would want to have best features in their service if they are going for one. Easy to use, CRM integration, Real-Time Analytics, keyword tracking, etc. these are few features that make Call tracking & analytics service better.

As not every service program is equal, these features can help an organization decide what is best for its business needs and the can choose accordingly.

#1. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best options for Call Tracking & Analytics services for marketing purposes.

It provides you with a 14-day free trial and then 99 $/month charge is applicable. 

The CallTrackingMetrics integration with HubSpot allows you to create a new contact in HubSpot for each unique caller in your CallTrackingMetrics account, including all the valuable session information associated with the call, text, or form. With this data, you can holistically view your leads and manage call conversions in HubSpot.

  • Map your CTM users to users in HubSpot
  • Create triggers to create or update objects in HubSpot based on custom field mappings
  • Fire triggers in CTM based on whether a record is found in HubSpot
  • Automatically associate a Contact with a Company or a Deal in HubSpot

#2. WhatConverts

        It is a platform that gives complete features like call tracking, lead capture, report formation, linking each lead to its source of marketing.

It provides you with a 14 Days free trial at the start and then it charges 30 $/month for its services. This is a basic price buyers can choose a more advanced service with more features for a higher price.


#3. 800 Response

800Response is real-time call tracking and analytics service. The monitoring tools it provides helps in new customer acquisition and in improving customer interaction.

With their real-time call tracking reports, you get the latest information on your incoming callers. Capture details to monitor exactly where callers are located, access caller addresses and demographics, and discover when your customers are most likely to contact your business.

There is no information regarding the monthly charges of the services on the home page of the website and also the free trial.


#4. ActiveDemand


With ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking you will see exactly what incoming calls are occurring as a result of your marketing campaigns. Track calls from any campaign; PPC, SEO, social media, display, ad-media, and even offline advertising. ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to set-up a tracked number for any campaign.

It’s free but phone number registration is billed separately. Also, there is a free trial option for one user account.


#5. CallAction


CallAction like other services provides support to the user inbound call recording and tracking, CRM integration for exporting call data to records, etc. 

Its powerful integrations bridge the gap between your top of the funnel lead generation and your existing lead nurturing CRM systems for increased productivity.

Its smart feature which is an intelligent automation SMS for responding to calls that got missed makes it a unique choice for companies that have a major mobile user base. 

It provides you a 14 Days free trial. Service charges vary from 115 $/ month to 499 $/ month.

#6. CallFire

CallFire provides a database of virtual numbers that gives you the ability to create a local presence or maintain a global one.

It’s analytics reports provide you with a holistic view of your advertising performance that can be linked to Google Analytics. Share call detail reports with others without granting them full account access.

SMS enabled call tracking allows you to Use a Call Tracking number to send text messages from a long code so you can respond to an inquiry via text and track via Google Analytics.


It provides you with a free trial after which you can pay 0.05 $/min or text to 500 $/month for services.


#7. CallRail 

The platform includes robust functionality to easily route and track calls and forms and integrates with several major marketing and sales platforms.


Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords.

CallScribe automatically analyzes your phone conversations to find custom keywords to optimize for organic search, identify hot leads, missed opportunities and other types of callers. Knowing what’s happening during phone calls helps you make marketing touch points more effective and drive better leads.

It provides you with a 14 Days free trial. Then it charges between 30 $/month to 120 $/month according to the plan you choose.


#8. CallSource 

With CallSource’s call tracking metrics, you can see which ad campaigns, ad sources, and special offers are giving you new leads by volume. Armed with this data, you can take action and halt advertising that isn’t performing to conserve money.

CallSource’s call tracking numbers capture the contact information of every caller, so it’s quicker and easier to follow up and book an appointment or win their business. Traffic volume by time of day can help you manage phone coverage so that every call is an answered call.


There is no information provided for free trial and pricing of the services on the site openly. It will be available if you interact for service details.


#9. Convirza 

Convirza Track calls directly to online and traditional sources using tools such as digital tracking and keyword call tracking. See not only which ads work but also how well ads generate high-quality leads.

Call analytics instantly breakdown each call and help you understand caller intent and behavior.

Quickly know if calls convert, and rescue unsuccessful conversations with Call Actions.


There is a 30 Days free trial option available. They charge between 29 $/month to 199 $/month according to the service plan you choose.


#10. DialogTech 

Another program that takes advantage of AI to measure caller intent, lead quality, and conversions, DialogTech boasts proprietary SourceIQ call attribution technology, which makes it easy for companies to personalize call experiences for their users.


There is no information available on free trial & monthly charges. It will be available to you as you interact with them for services.

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