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Customers are the lifeblood of your business, getting under their skin is the only way to inspire, engross and connect in a way that is both relevant and beneficial in equal measures. When content marketing strategies for campaigns are created to promote the brand, it becomes easy to get carried away with innovative elements, forgetting the specific needs, aspirations, and preferences in the process.


Here’s why you should get to know your customers;

  • 91% of today’s consumers, especially digital natives, are more likely to shop with brands that provide meaningful offers and recommendations.
  • Businesses leading in their customer experience efforts surpass laggards by almost 80%.
  • 96% of consumers stated customer service is an essential factor in their loyalty choices towards brands and businesses.


And now in honor of getting to know your customers, here we explore the ways you can get under the skin of your consumers and can enjoy increased marketing success.


1. Track Customer’s Real-Time Behavior

Well, today’s customers urge nothing less than a seamless experience across both digital and traditional touchpoints.

Business needs to be prompt and proactive in its approach and needs to divide the customer’s needs to serve them on all the platforms even before the specification is actually arranged.



This can only be done when you have a tool that gives you a glimpse into the real-time behavior of the customers.

Experts advise investing in a Customer relationship management tool (CRM) which provides an in-depth analysis of the activities of the customers.

To corroborate this, CRM’s email marketing functionality is one of the best instances.

Most of the prominent CRM’s offer robust email marketing functionality with real-time tracking.

2. Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A software, specifically a kind of database software that creates persistent, unified records of all your customers, their attributes, and their data.

Having a good CDP should both easily integrate with your current data and allow for easy retrieval of the data it is storing.

On an individual level, a CDP builds a complete picture of your customers.

All the data is clearly organized and is available for immediate use.

To set up and maintain the CDP some technical resources are required but they don’t require a high level of technical skill compared to the traditional data warehouse.

Data contained within a CDP is ready to use in 3rd party systems focused on ad tech and campaign delivery.

The data collected and organized with CDP is visualized through individual data profiles for each other.

3. Getting analysis across touchpoints

We are literally swimming in data in this digital age.

Consumer measures and perception are gold dust to brands looking to recognize their customer base in a way that’s infinite and relevant.

While Google Analytics is necessary to withdraw value from your various demographic insights, additional data is drilled down into sources across touchpoints that will give you a wide insight into your customers’ habits, preferences, and behaviors.

The consumers are active on social media channels for no less than 6 hours a day which reports as IMB CEO insights have stated.

It surely explains the vital role, social media plays in shaping and influencing the opinions of consumers.

Well in such a structure, this becomes essential for every business to invest completely in social media engagement.

As they are clearly the best place to reach frame strategies, engage with your target audience and customers on all social media channels.

4. Leverage Social Media

The biggest benefit of social media channels is the data that it captures. When it comes to optimizing the customer experience many companies never consider this data.

How existing and prospective customers are interacting with your brand Facebook and Twitter analytics deliver amazing information on that.

It should be widely shared between the marketing, sales, and contact center teams, instead of this information being used only by the social media manager.

Most of the posts on Facebook and Twitter garner additional comments from prospective customers as well as old customers with which the company can get to know their customers better.

When the interaction between the company and customer is visible, displays to everyone the company’s stand towards customer satisfaction.

The percentage of anonymous social media interactions will increase favorably to known, identified customers over time which will result in the ability for you to treat them according to what you know, about who they are, what they need, and how to deliver service.

5. Host an Event

If you create a brand event or create a tangible experience (physical or virtual, it is advisable to host a suitable event that will provide an opportunity to interact with the customers and you will also understand segments of your audience in a better way.

Companies may encounter customers who are happy or not satisfied with the product or service and can even interact with prospective customers.

For web-based businesses, a webinar can be helpful for the company to make their customer understand better.

A chance must be given to the attendees to introduce themselves and questionnaires should be done to understand their mindset.

With connected messaging, solid brand placement, and immersive innovation, it’s possible to demonstrate your brand’s values, gather invaluable consumer information while connecting with a wider, more engaged audience.


6. Conduct Surveys

Surveys are said to be the most prominent method to gain honest feedback regarding a service or a product.

Getting feedback and conducting surveys can tell you what people are perceiving and how they feed about the product or service.


Personal surveys can be helpful to get specific information about customers. Keep those surveys short and sweet, three to six questions maximum.

You don’t need to take much time for your customers but also you want real data that can apply.

Companies must conduct a close scrutiny survey to get insights into the mind of people who responded and change the marketing strategy accordingly.


Hence, thanks to these technologies and tools with which knowing customers has gotten easier than ever.


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