marketing an art or science?

Marketing is an art or a science?

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Marketing is an art or a science? Is it an art of selling or a science of selling? If i look at how its being run since last many decades marketing is treated as an art. An art to communicate, An art of words, an art of imagery, an art of story telling. Well what i am going to say might offend many but the fact is marketing is a science and not an art. A science of consumer behaviour, a science of data, a science of predicting patterns, a science of tracking, analyzing and deciphering the customer journey. I still see most agencies trying to run their marketing campaigns like they are making a movie, an art that is screaming for awards and accolades and appreciation but not even 10 percent of these artistically told stories actually helping the business or the brand. There is no harm in being artistic but as a marketeer my first goal is to grow the brand be it the brand image or its business. And in order to do that my first goal is to decipher the science behind my every action. While i understand why marketing was treated as an art till now as there was limited availibility of customer data, high cost of gathering consumer data and very limited scope of technology in marketing but things have changed now. In the digital marketing era if we are still going to be trapped in a traditional marketing approach where we create same ads, same stories, keep a same approach towards story telling then we are doing it wrong. Most customers have moved online and have been interacting with your brand digitally in some or the other capacity. So now a brand is in a much better position to understand its customer if its using the right martech stack. At the end of the day the purpose of any brand is to fulfill a customers need and make a difference to a customers life. Then be it an insurance policy brand making customers life more secure from uncertainity, a beverage brand being a static part of happy memories during those hundreds of parties or a netflix binge watch partner. The first step of customer first approach is to understand your customer and their need and how they engage with your brand and how they want to engage with the brand. So instead of making a marketing artform that pleases the marketing heads or a copy writer, make one that will please the customer.

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