How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

According to Statista’s global digital population report of April 2020, there were around 4.57 billion active internet users in April 2020, which represents 60% of the global population. With millions of people tuning into internet and search engines to quench their thirst for knowledge and solve their queries, if  you aren’t able to generate traffic on your website you will miss out on an invaluable opportunity to grow your business.

Website traffic, or more importantly quality traffic, is an important parameter of how your website or content is
performing on the internet. If you are on a lookout to flood users onto your website/content on which you have been diligently working on, stick by! Below is a holy grail of how to drive traffic to your website if
you have been struggling with it.

Magnetic Content:

Its almost imperative that your content is adding value to the users and is authentic, unique, and engaging. This will ensure that the users are glued to your content and they keep coming back for more. Its important to understand the visitor’s persona and what they are looking for while crafting your content. So, this will help you target your niche audience effectively through your content and keep them engaged.

Paid Advertising:

This is a no brainer. This is the strategy that many people use when they want to promote their content or website. Paid advertising and sponsored posts on search engines and social media platforms will help you raise your traffic surely. But it’s important that you constantly assess which platform or ads are performing great and which actions need to be redefined to get the most out of paid advertising.

Social Media Promotion:

Posting on social media is a key asset nowadays because of Covid-19, as most of the consumers have become active social media users. To generate organic traffic to your website it’s important that you actively engage in social media these days. But beware that social media strategy differs from platform to platform and through business needs. Utilizing the new features offered by the platforms, understanding your audience and crafting content according to their needs and adding value will take you a long way.

Community Management:

In todays world, being more human is the key to gaining trust and popularity with the consumers. People love when brands engage with them on social media. Its good to have an engagement strategy such as interacting with your followers on social media channels, participating in discussions and answering questions of the consumers. The bottom line is being as helpful and human as possible so that you gain the trust of your audience.

SEO to rank higher:

This is critical to get the most traffic off the search engine results free of cost. SEO helps you rank higher in the search results on search engine increasing the chances of gaining maximum visibility. This can be done by SEO optimization of meta description, page tile/header, URL, backlinks etc. Technical SEO is equally important and involves fixing broken links and creating sitemap and structured data of website.

Analyze metrics:

Driving traffic starts with a continuous fruitful analysis of where this traffic is coming from and how are they interacting with your content. SEO and digital marketing tools such as Google analytics and SEMRush will help you analyse the traffic on your website and content. Moreover, it also helps you redefine efforts over to content and marketing strategies that are performing well from the ones that aren’t working great.

Guest/Influencer Blog:

Having an influencer write a blog, article or having a live session with him also help drive a lot of traffic to your website. This will help boost your organic traffic as well as the traffic from the follower of that influencer who tune in to view the content. When the influencer backlinks to your website it also helps to improve your search engine rank.

Become mobile friendly and optimize with voice

Voice search is the next big thing. More and more searches are happening through voice search and its necessary to optimize your content accordingly. Understanding that the keywords are sentences and having concise answers help you put a strong foot in the voice searches. More and more searches are happening on mobile devices so its important to have content which is mobile friendly.

Avoid instant traffic generators:

There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, but this isn’t the right one. It can hurt your website more than it’ll benefit. Not only this traffic isn’t targeted and quality visitors who are engaging with your content, but this can also hurt your search engine rankings and worst comes worst can get your site banned and removed from Google. So before getting involved in instant website bot traffic generator keep in these in mind.

Google My Business:

It goes without saying that if you are a local business that you must do this. Google my business is easy to set up and free of cost. Make sure you put it out on the platform so that the targeted people visit your website. Keep updating the details so that there are maximum conversions. There you have it. The above steps will help you drive maximum traffic to your site and more importantly lead to active interactions with the website and potential conversions.