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#HainTaiyaarHum Campaign by Wildcraft

Wildcraft’s new campaign “Hain Taiyaar Hum” is an anthem that tries to motivate India in such uncertain and panic times when things are still far from normal. Through this campaign wildcraft signals that India is adaptable and ready to go out and get back on track.

The media format was a mix of TV commercial and digital marketing where Wildcraft released the TV commercial and campaign posters on its various social media handles. The TV commercial is to be released in over 7 different languages- Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali to ensure it reaches the Indian masses throughout.

TV commercial featuring common people getting ready to step out of their homes confidently to get back to work when the world is still fighting with COVID-19. Campaign Poster released on social media channels showcasing that India is ready to step out and the benefits of its newest product SUPERMASK

hain tayaar hum campaign

Objective: Wildcraft being an outdoor and travel equipment provider, this campaign is a great effort to maintain their engagement with their customer base despite the lockdown and reduced business because they are an outdoor brand. The main purpose of the campaign is to motivate India to take charge of their lives again and step out confidently to get back to the grind. The campaign positions “Supermask” with social responsibility coupled with its motivational communication and collective action rather than individual are enhancing their image. Also, the social media handles prompting to redirect audience to Wildcraft website points out that another objective was to increase the sales of their newest offering and help their business grow.

The timing and the creative behind this campaign is bang on. In such uncertain times when things have changed for good, this anthem urges India to be confident and take control of their own lives and step out to get back to daily grind. It works wonders as the commercial features common people who are getting ready to step out of their houses with an inspiring soundtrack and we could not relate more.  

The TV Commercial that Wildcraft India posted on their media handles got 8500 views on YouTube, 9000 views on Facebook and 3900 views on Instagram up till now.

Apart from the mentions by the brand itself, there were less mentions and impressions by audiences on different platforms on this campaign which is a major downfall. (total mentions 139)

Although, the TV commercial and poster received positive comments and remarks from the audience on their social media handles but the campaign could have increased its buzz more if they would have used their hashtags a lot and more importantly posted more posts with the tags of #Aatmanirbhar, #VocalforLocal and #MakeinIndia

The timing of the campaign was brilliant and more importantly the message of the anthem was really inspiring and relevant, connecting to the audience. With PM Modi’s urge to Indian citizens of being Vocal for Local, Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India, Wildcraft pulls the right strings of using the Make in India and Vocal for Local tags in their campaign as its an Indian company. But it could not make it a sensation on the social media channels mainly because of less posts about the campaign.

With a very strong anthem and TVC in their campaign, Wildcraft beautifully sent out a message that India is adaptable and unstoppable and motivates to step out confidently with their SUPERMASK but the buzz and hype are short lived on social media with less impressions and mentions.