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10 Ways You Can Increase Sales On Your E-commerce Website

When a business goes online one of the most important goals is to increase sales. It seems easy to increase your online sales than it actually is. There are many ways to implement which can help a business increase their online sale.

Whether you are a new business or already in the market for several years increasing your online sale would definitely increase the profits of your company.

#1. Target & Pay Attention to your Existing Customers

It is encountered that when businesses face problems in sales growth they think it is because they don’t have enough customer base. It is a common misconception.

So instead of putting all your efforts over new customer acquisition, you should focus on existing customer retention.

A loyal customer base can highly increase sales for an e-commerce website.

This is the impact Loyalty can have on sales.

By improving the experience of existing customers a business can retain them as loyal customers who would definitely purchase from your website. 

As they are already familiar with your brand and its characteristics. A better shopping experience may make them add more items into cart and hence help increasing online sales of your e-commerce website. 

#2. Use Ad extensions to Increase Ad Clicks

If you are selling online stuff and running ads for your e-commerce website ad extensions are a no brainer- this feature allows you to make your add bigger with more places to click.

As you can see in the above image the extension has reduced a few steps for the consumer. They can either directly contact the business owner regarding the product without clicking through the contact page of the website. 

Also, they can see the testimonials directly with a single click without entering the website which makes it more appealing.

This increases the chances of a consumer clicking on your ad which in turn increases the chances of conversion and sales.

#3. Demonstrate through videos

A consumer visiting your site for purchase would get attracted to a video demonstration of your products or services.

 The more creative and catchy the video is the more are the chances of the customer getting impressed by your product or service and may think of going for a purchase.

Websites which have can get their customer to spent 88% more time on their pages.

Video demonstrations of products on your websites as well as video ads can help you boost sales of your e-commerce website.

By opting for this strategy e-commerce brand Robo generated $4.7 million in revenue.

This increases the engagement of consumers as well as the interest of the consumer in whatever product or service you are selling.

Videos resonate more with people, so it’s likely that they’ll remember what they watched as opposed to just reading about it.

This strategy might not work for every product or service but will definitely help many especially the brands with new and creative products.

#4. BY Creating a Sense Of Urgency

Yes, by creating a sense of urgency to your buyers about the benefits of an immediate purchase when they visit your e-commerce website is a great tactic to increase your online sales.

It is very important for an e-commerce website to be honest about their product, services, etc. But there is no rule for creating a sense of urgency.

As you can see in the picture Myntra gave a 30% discount on its products but the offer stands for today only now the visiter would have a sense of urgency while surfing through the products to buy the product they like today itself in order to avail the offer given by Myntra.

As you can see Black Friday sale increased their sale due to the urgency consumers felt. As the big offers were only valid for a single day which increased sales of online products through years.

Creating a sense of urgency through various time stipulated offers is a promising tactic for an e-commerce website to increase its online sales.

#5. Making website mobile friendly

Yes, you heard it right.

Assuming your customers buy online only through their computers can be a big mistake. 

The reality shows more people use their mobile phones & tablets to shop online as they are handy and give them the freedom to shop online whenever and wherever they want.

Research shows 40% of mobile users have bought something online. Also,63% of millennials use mobile phones for online shopping. 

These numbers are hard to ignore. Make sure your e-commerce website is optimized and is user friendly on mobile phones as well as tablets.

All these reasons make things easier for the customer.

Improving the customer experience on the website, mobile website, and app by giving convenience, speed, benefits, entertainment, etc. can definitely help to increase the sales of an e-commerce website.

#6. Create and Target Detailed Buyer Personas

Detailed buyer personas can help you increase the sales of your e-commerce website.

If you ever paid attention to targeting options that are available to Facebook advertisers you would be amazed by how you can target an audience with precision. Creating detailed personas may help you understand the needs of the buyer in a more clear manner.

The better you know your target audience, the more likely they are to respond to your messages which are specifically tailored to their lives. 

This will attract them towards your product or services which will definitely increase the chances of sales to increase.

So, to create & target detailed personas is a great tactic to increase the sales for your e-commerce website.

#7. Use Icons In The Display which Shows You are Trustworthy

You, me and everyone else who likes to shop online will feel hesitated and will be in doubt whether to purchase from this website or not if the website looks sketchy or untrustworthy.

Cybersecurity is a major concern for people who do online shopping frequently. And if your e-commerce website doesn’t seem to be trustworthy there is a high chance that the consumer might feel disinterest in buying from your website.

An online business needs to recognize this and make necessary adjustments in order to have benefits.

Also, don’t just slap these badges on your e-commerce website if your policy says otherwise. Otherwise, you will be facing customer dissatisfaction and sometimes legal actions too.

So, having icons on the website pages of your e-commerce website would definitely help you in conversions as a customer will have no trust issues with your product and services.

#8. Discounts Can Do Magic

“Discount”, when people who love to shop hear this word becomes unable to stop themselves to have a look at your offering. 

This is where the cleaver discount methods come into play.

You can use various tactics to keep your margin & provide a lucrative discount to your consumers which can drive your sales number very quickly towards upward on a sales graph.

Providing discount in different forms can really benefit the sales of an e-commerce website.

Also, research shows consumers react to a “Flat” discount on everything more than to a “Upto” discount tagline. It influences the mind of a buyer to whether or not to visit a website.

By providing various beneficial deals & discounts to your customers which are better than your competitors you can definitely increase the sales of your product or service.

#9. Less Friction In Checkout Process

It is often seen that consumer leave in between due to unnecessary steps involved in checking out processes which often confuses them and becomes the reason they leave without completing the process.

Approximately $4 TRILLION worth of online merchandise was abandoned in incomplete shopping carts last year alone, of which 63% was potentially recoverable. This is a truly jaw-dropping statistic and one that reveals how crucial it is to nail your checkout process.

As you can see from the data above most of the reasons involve bad user experience during the checkout process. So, having a smooth checkout procedure will definitely help you increase sales on your e-commerce website.

#10. Have As Many Payment Options As Possible

These days with the new developments in the money transaction processes there are many options to pay online for a product or service.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, E-wallets, etc. There are different service providers for online transactions. So you have to give people different options to pay for your product or service.

By giving more payment options and also including the new trendy payment services you can create more ways for consumers to give you their money.

Here are the top 10 ways to increase sales on your e-commerce website.