10 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Today youtube is the second most used social media platform in the world. More than 2 billion active users are there on the platform. 

Youtube Is having more than 31 million youtube channels (as of 2019) and they are growing continuously every day. People from all parts of the world are creating their channels every now and then. On an average 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on youtube from around the world.

For such a huge user and creators base one needs to be very smart in their ways if they intend to get more subscribers for their channel quickly.

To get the most advantage for your channel from such a huge & continuously growing platform is not an easy task. You can’t achieve your expected goals on youtube just by posting videos of the content your channel is about. 

There are many paid ways to promote your youtube channel in order to get more subscribers but these are not the only ways. There are ways that are equally effective in getting your subscribers without paying for them as they are free to use.

So, let’s look at some ways where you can increase your youtube channel subscribers without using paid methods.


#1. Use of Right Keywords 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a very important factor when it comes to Youtube content. One should know what a user must be using as a “Keyword” to search for something which is related to your youtube channel.

People often use Google for searching content and as youtube has most of the content that is being searched for on google, it shows links to those youtube videos on the top instead of showing links to content in text format. 

So, using ‘Right Keywords’ can help your video for that particular topic appear in the Google search list and which can help you increase your user visits and also subscribers if they find your content relevant to their needs.

There is no fixed keyword for a particular type of content that will help you but there are ways you can find which keywords are getting attention. Tools like Good Ads keyword planner can help you find suitable keywords for your channel & its content. 

You can also scan the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to find out the keywords and see if those search results consist of videos or text content at the top.

Try keywords with modifications to know which keywords lead to video results on the Search Engine Results Page.

#2. By Optimizing Your Youtube Videos 

By optimizing your youtube videos you can rank them higher in the youtube search results. When users go through your video it is most likely that they will engage with your other videos on the channel too. 

So, in order to make certain that your videos are reaching the target audience, you have to Optimize your videos by optimizing your video title, description of the video, video tags, etc. 

You can optimize your ‘youtube video title’ by using an exact keyword which people are searching for. This will help your video get a higher rank in search results.

You can optimize your ‘video description’ by mentioning all the necessary information like keywords, links & timestamps.

You can optimize your youtube video by using a proper & relevant ‘video tag’ that helps users find your video.

One of the ways you can optimize your youtube video is by creating a custom thumbnail and adding a transcript of your video.

#3. By Creating High-Quality Videos 

No matter how good your topic and content of the video is. If the video is not of the good quality user will quickly skip your video and will move to the next best looking option in search. 

So, Before you upload your videos on your youtube channel make sure they are of good quality. Whether they are recorded videos or animated ones you should ensure that when a user watches your video it should be of high quality.

Use a good camera for recording your videos & edit all the necessary things in the video before uploading it in order to engage use in a more profound manner.

#4. Optimize Your Youtube Channel 

You will not get subscribers just by optimizing your youtube videos & uploading high-quality youtube videos. You will have to optimize your youtube channel too.

Yes! That’s correct. Optimizing your youtube channel is way too important if you want to attract your potential subscribers.

You can optimize your channel in certain ways in order to make it more appealing to a user when they visit your channel through one of your videos. These ways are:- 

A). By adding sections & playlists on your homepage.

B). By designing an interesting & unique look for your youtube channel. By using appropriate channel art & descriptions you can make your channel appear aesthetic.

C). By creating a trailer for your channel. This helps users to understand what your channel is having that might interest them.

#5. Add Subscribe Watermark To Your Videos 

Having a call to action is very important when an event is intended to lead towards an action. In the case of youtube that action is user hitting on the subscribe button.

Youtube allows you to use subscribe as a watermark in your videos. 

In this way, you can remind a user to subscribe to your channel by showing subscribe watermark in your youtube videos.

You can also use subscribe watermark along with promoting more videos on the end screen of your video. This will create a positive influence on the user.

#6. Make Playlists On Your Youtube Channel

When you have uploaded videos of a topic on your youtube channel which are linked to each other or have ‘parts’(topic part-1,2..) you should create playlists in order to create a better experience for a user when they visit your content. 

Playlists are a great way to get more subscribers as people watch these type of content videos one after another and having a proper playlist just make it easy for them. As the next video of the playlist just appears in the suggested column and video plays automatically play itself when one video ends.

You can make playlists of different topic videos on your homepage so when users open your youtube channel through one of your videos they will be able to find a playlist of the topics of their interest.

Unleashing the Power of YouTube Playlists - Replay Science

#7. Promoting Your Videos On Other Platforms 

In order to get more subscribers, one must promote their youtube videos on other platforms too like social media, forums, etc.

It is a smart move for promoting your video content on potential platforms which can get you more subscribers. Few of these are:- 

A). Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are a great way to promote your youtube videos. You can post or upload something related to your content on these platforms and add a ‘link to your youtube video’ along with it. And you can practice this exercise on all the social media platforms. This will definitely help you to increase your subscribers.

B).  You can always attach your video links to emails that you sent. Email marketing is also a great way to increase subscribers on your youtube channel.

C). Whenever you find a forum & blog discussion that is relevant to your video topic you can leave a link to your video there. You can also leave links to your video on Q&A session you find relevant to your youtube video.

D). Through link building, you can get subscribers to your youtube channel. You can always find websites that are relevant to your content and you can collaborate with them to produce backlinks.

E). You can also go to Influencer Marketing. As influencers have a great & loyal followers base. So when they promote your video on their profiles users might check out your content and are more likely to subscribe to your channel.

#8. Publish Videos Frequently 

No one wants to subscribe to a channel that hasn’t published a video in a long time or there is a long gap between their video publishing on the channel.

Make sure you ‘create & publish’ videos frequently. As it is obvious that those who will publish more videos are like to get more subscribers in comparison to those who don’t. 

Publishing a video once a week is advisable but uploading more than one video per week is also better. As those who are already your subscribers will get a message about your new video and they will engage more with your content. All this will help you get more subscribers to your channel.

#9. Remain Active In The Community All The Time 

You should know and understand well the niche of your video content. You should engage with the content of other creators of your niche.

Appreciating their content, leaving comments, subscribing, and liking their content and mentioning them sometimes in your videos is a great way to attract a niche audience to your video content as well.

Doing all these exercises will help you understand what is getting more popular in your niche, what is working & what’s not. 

Also, it will help you gain subscribers when you frequently engage on your niche creator’s content on Youtube.

 #10. By Engaging With Audience 

Engaging with your audience is a great way of showing them gratitude. 

Engaging with the audience can make them want to subscribe to your channel. 

By saying ‘thank you’ at the end of your video or telling about other information related to more content at the end of the video can really motivate a user to subscribe to your channel.

Engaging with audience in the comment section, replying to comments in a proper manner can impress the users who watched your video to subscribe to your channel. 

Comments play a great role in video rankings.

All these things make engaging with audience a crucial part of the subscriber acquisition process.


By checking all these 10 factors you can ensure growth in your subscriber numbers for sure. These factors are tested and play a crucial role in getting subscribers on Youtube channel.